Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council gives Johns Hopkins staff members the opportunity to raise their voices about the needs, opportunities, aspirations, and challenges that staff experience in their professional lives at JHU and provide critical input to leadership on decisions and policymaking around university initiatives, programming, and policies.

As a highly collaborative institution, insight from our diverse staff has always been instrumental in helping university leadership develop and improve programs for employees. The council will focus on ways to foster a more dynamic and desirable workplace and ensure our campus environment is one in which all our staff are welcomed and can thrive personally and professionally.

The council will work closely with university leadership and Human Resources, sharing their insights on topics that may include university policies; benefits; diversity, equity and inclusion; training and professional development; staff recognition and engagement; and other aspects of university operations.

Council Membership and Organization

The council will be composed of elected staff who represent various organizational levels, job areas and functions across the university. Participation on the council is voluntary and will be considered work time. The council is expected to meet at least twice each spring and fall semester and as needed to consider timely issues.

Staff Advisory Council Planning Group

The Staff Advisory Council Planning Group will create the infrastructure for future elected councils. The planning group will work to identify the composition, term lengths, and procedures for elections of Staff Advisory Council membership and leadership.

Timeline of Council Activities

  • August 2022: Formation of Staff Advisory Council announced
  • September 2022: Staff Advisory Council Planning Group convenes
  • October – November 2022: Second and third Planning Group meeting
  • December 2022 – February 2023: Staff Advisory Council infrastructure (mission/scope, structure, bylaws, etc.) finalized and announced
  • March – April 2023: Elections for council members
  • May 2023: Staff Advisory Council kick off meeting / Council leadership elections
  • June 2023: Staff Advisory Council in place

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