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The safety of our students is a top priority. There are more than 200 campus police officers, security personnel, and support staff charged with keeping the Homewood campus and the surrounding communities safe.

Officers patrol campus on foot, bikes, Segways, and in security vehicles, and they receive specialized training in cultural diversity, sexual harassment, hate crimes, AED/first aid, community policing, and crime prevention. They do not carry firearms.

For emergencies, 113 blue light call stations are located on or near campus—pressing a button will sound an alarm and connect you with the 24-hour Homewood Communication Center. There are also 190 Smart CCTV cameras on and off campus that allow security officers to watch for criminal activity or safety issues.

To reach Campus Security, or in case of emergency, call:

  • 6-7777 (on-campus)
  • 410-516-7777 (off-campus)

Crime reports and security alerts are published in accordance with the Clery Act. For more information, visit the Campus Safety and Security website.

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