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Treating COVID-19
Johns Hopkins engineers develop 3D-printed ventilator splitters
Published April 2, 2020
Their prototype aims to address safety concerns about cross-contamination and correctly managing air flow to patients
Treating COVID-19
Hopkins gets FDA approval to test blood plasma therapy
Published April 3, 2020
The treatment uses the blood sera from recovered COVID-19 patients to treat those who are critically ill or to boost immunity for those at high risk of contracting the disease
How long can COVID-19 live on surfaces?
Published March 20, 2020
Carolyn Machamer, a cell biologist who specializes in coronaviruses, discusses the latest research on the virus that causes COVID-19
COVID-19 conceptual illustration
COVID-19 Resource Center: Information and Expertise

Information and Johns Hopkins expertise to help advance the understanding of the coronavirus, inform an effective response, improve care, and save lives

What will it take to develop a vaccine?
Published March 26, 2020
Global health expert Ruth Karron discusses the work currently taking place at laboratories around the country to develop a vaccine for COVID-19

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