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The latest headlines from Johns Hopkins University

Pandemic poses key challenges for preventing child sexual abuse
Published May 13, 2020
Johns Hopkins center releases family resource pages, online course for people concerned about their own sexual feelings toward children
'Reopening an infected economy is no shortcut' to financial recovery
Published May 19, 2020
Alessandro Rebucci, an economist at the Carey Business School, says in order to revive the economy, the coronavirus pandemic must be brought under control
Coronavirus tracing through crowd
The long road to herd immunity
Published April 30, 2020
Achieving herd protection can stop the spread of an infectious disease within a population, but as Bloomberg School experts explain, the U.S. is nowhere near that point with SARS-CoV-2, and getting there could prove difficult
Treating COVID-19
A fast-tracked therapy shows promise
Published April 8, 2020
Arturo Casadevall and his team have worked around the clock to develop a convalescent serum therapy using blood plasma from recovered patients

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