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The latest headlines from Johns Hopkins University

MLK Jr. Commemoration
Equity and empathy
Published Jan 17, 2020
Johns Hopkins celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Frontier Award
Mathematician receives President's Frontier Award
Published Jan 16, 2020
The $250,000 award, presented Thursday to Emily Riehl, supports Hopkins figures who are breaking new ground and poised to become leaders in their field
No two alike
Published Winter 2019
For decades, Wilson Alwyn Bentley took detailed photographs of snow crystals, effectively pioneering photomicrography. Today, his iconic images are a ubiquitous aspect of winter—thanks in part to a Johns Hopkins–trained physicist. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
U.S. News Rankings
Three Hopkins online master's programs among nation's best
Published Jan 14, 2020
Graduate programs in nursing and engineering recognized by U.S. News & World Report

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