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University rankings
Johns Hopkins moves up to No. 9 in 'U.S. News' rankings
Published Sept 14, 2020
JHU also recognized as one of the nation's leading universities in terms of overall value, undergraduate research, innovation, engineering and computer science, and ethnic diversity
Mask hysteria?
Wearing a mask protects you and those around you
Published Aug 24, 2020
New research co-led by a Johns Hopkins researcher suggests face coverings reduce viral exposure, limiting both transmission and severe disease. But is that evidence enough to turn the tide of public opinion now that masks have become politicized?
Excess deaths show the true impact of COVID-19 in the U.S.
Published Sept 1, 2020
Epidemiologist Justin Lessler unpacks a recent CDC report on comorbidities and coronavirus deaths that is being misinterpreted on social media
Class of 2024 by the numbers
Published Aug 31, 2020
Who are the intrepid, intelligent, and inspired individuals joining the Johns Hopkins community during a fall semester unlike any other?

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