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About the Candidates

Number of open council seats: 2

Katelyn Baird, Assistant Director, Stewardship & Donor | Development
“I have been at the Peabody Institute at JHU since September 2023 as the Assistant Director of Stewardship and Donor Engagement. I believe the most positive workplace environment is one that promotes growth and acceptance of all its employees and having a voice on the SAC would be an excellent outlet for me to make a difference and improve the lives of our university staff community. With an adequate understanding of university policy gained from my previous academic positions, as well as a passion for inclusivity and fairness for all JHU community members, I know I can provide a powerful voice that advances the council’s mission to be an advocate for staff needs. I look forward to the chance of making connections with likeminded people at JHU and improving our campus culture for everyone!”
Casey Sonneborn, Administrative Coordinator
“I have been with JHU for nearly 4 years. I am interested in joining the Staff Advisory Council because I am genuinely interested in the investment, advancement and well-being of other staff members like myself. As a staff employee of higher education institutions for over 6 years, I find it not only a responsibility, but an exciting opportunity to be a part of a council that exists to serve members like myself, who may at times feel overlooked or that do not know what they can do to make themselves feel heard. As a Baltimore native, the Johns Hopkins University system is prevalent through all aspects of my life. To be a part of the decision-making process on what it can do for its staff members and its community by that proxy is incredibly exciting. Staff members are the backbone of any well-run organization and I would wholeheartedly welcome the prospect of being a representative of my esteemed colleagues.”
Willis McCabe, Sr. Communications Specialist | Communications and Web Services
“I’ve been with Hopkins for 12 years, first in University Administration as senior humanities writer of the Johns Hopkins University and since 2021 at the Peabody Institute. I’m also a 1994 alum Hopkins alum. I am interested in joining the Staff Advisory Council because I know this council is what university leadership is permitting instead of allowing pretty much any part of its mammoth workforce to unionize, and if this is the only pathway in which I can in any way be an advocate for all my staff colleagues at Peabody and the university at large, I want to contribute to that effort. Again, I’ve felt like I’ve been a Hopkins person since first stepping foot on Homewood in the fall of 1988, and this university is what it is due to equal parts individual exceptional excellence of its researchers, scholars, artists, engineers, educators, et cetera, but just as much to the larger support staff that keeps the university operating day-to-day so that such things can happen.”
Jacqueline Tyson, Executive Assistant
“I have been with JHU for 2 years. I am interested in joining the Staff Advisory Council because I can be the voice for all staff, no matter the position, at Peabody and Johns Hopkins University”
Oliva Meadows, Assistant Director of Admissions Officer | Admissions
“I have been with JHU for 2+ years. I am interested in joining the Staff Advisory Council because I enjoy contributing to the improvement of the staff and student experience and collaborating with other staff across JHU.”

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