Common Concerns

The Ombuds Office is available to consult with PhD students and postdocs regarding any issue of concern at Johns Hopkins.

Some of the types of concerns most commonly brought to the Ombuds include:

  • Interpersonal relationships involving peers, classmates, colleagues, supervisors, advisors, other faculty and Principal Investigators
  • Academic integrity and freedom, authorship concerns, scientific misconduct, intellectual property disputes, issues with grades and transcripts
  • Ethical dilemmas & conflicts of interest
  • Unfair treatment, identity-based harassment, discrimination, abuse of power, bullying, inequitable working and learning environments, inappropriate relationships
  • Safety issues, working conditions, campus housing issues
  • Questions about university policies and their implementation
  • Institutional delays or non-responsiveness
  • Professional growth, performance appraisal, promotion, disciplinary action, leaves of absence, changing roles, leaving JHU
  • Any other issue that affects academic or scholarly work, a PhD student’s or postdoc’s progress, or student or trainee life and experience more broadly at Johns Hopkins