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Business Administration (MBA)

Business Administration (MBA)


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The 21st century demands original approaches championed by a new breed of business leader—innovative, resourceful, pragmatic, and intrepid.  These leaders must possess the knowledge and insight to creatively and effectively address the challenges of tomorrow—including those not evident today.

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School was created to meet these demands.  Nimble, engaging, forward-thinking, and responsive, Carey is educating a new generation of business leaders who are also global citizens. Our graduates respect the intimate and fragile relationship between business and society, and understand the potential of innovative thinking and sustainable strategies to change lives, communities—the world—for the better.

In the Johns Hopkins tradition, the Carey Business School is tackling society’s most vexing problems, including those in four key areas—health care, financial services, real estate and infrastructure, and enterprise risk management.  While these areas present significant challenges, they also hold the promise of great advancement for society, as well as economic growth and job creation.

The result is that Carey MBA students receive not merely a sound education in business function and fundamentals, but develop a deep understanding and exceptional knowledge in one or more of these key sectors.  It is this skill set and expertise in today’s—and tomorrow’s—most critical business initiatives that set Carey graduates apart from the rest. More importantly, this is how the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is answering employers’ demands for a new breed of employee, grounded in business essentials and yet exceptionally skilled in focused disciplines.

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