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Applied & Computational Mathematics

Applied & Computational Mathematics


  • Whiting School of Engineering


  • Probability & Statistics
  • Applied Analysis
  • Operations Research
  • Information Technology & Computation
  • Simulation & Modeling


  • Certificate
  • Master's


  • Hybrid
  • In-person


  • Part-time

Today's advances in areas as diverse as biomedicine, the Internet, communications, defense technologies, and commerce all require individuals with a sound background in applied mathematics and computation. Mathematical tools make it possible to create representations of the world that facilitate analysis of a problem. The computational side provides the means for producing the numbers, graphics, rules and other output that enable designers and decision-makers to solve the problem.

Our part-time Applied and Computational Mathematics trains you in both of these essential aspects of modern analysis—mathematical and computational—preparing you to understand and then solve critical problems in a wide range of application areas. Students may choose from optional concentrations in Probability and Statistics, Applied Analysis, Operations Research, Information Technology and Computation, and Simulation and Modeling.

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