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Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Applied Mathematics & Statistics


  • Whiting School of Engineering


  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Data-Mining
  • Machine-learning
  • Optimal Decision-Making
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Computational Medicine


  • Doctoral
  • Major
  • Master's
  • Minor


  • In-person


  • Full-time

What is applied mathematics and statistics?

Applied mathematics and statistics is an integral part of emerging fields such as computational medicine/biology, language processing, information security, and computer science. In today’s data-intensive world, it is used to answer questions and solve problems in areas as diverse as finance, government and law, medicine, and national defense.

Why Hopkins?

Beginning freshmen year at Johns Hopkins, students in applied mathematics and statistics work alongside faculty members who are world-class leaders in their fields, participating in research that typically takes place only in Ph.D. programs. Our undergraduate program is flexible enough to provide opportunities to integrate your mathematical reasoning and modeling skills with other academic and personal pursuits, including adding a second major.


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