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Johns Hopkins enrolls more than 24,000 full- and part-time students throughout nine academic divisions. Our faculty and students study, teach, and learn across more than 260 programs in the arts and music, the humanities, the social and natural sciences, engineering, international studies, education, business, and the health professions.

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Clinical Informatics

Certificate Full-time In-person
  • School of Medicine

This remote program prepares clinicians, health specialists, programmers, and software engineers with the health IT skills necessary to support or lead the development of a strategic direction for health information within a clinical enterprise.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Certificate Part-time In-person
  • School of Education

The Post-Master’s Certificate program is a 15-credit program designed to prepare counselors and other human service professionals for specialized areas of practice through the provision of advanced preparation and supervised experience.

Clinical Trials

Certificate Full-time Part-time Hybrid In-person
  • Bloomberg School of Public Health

Clinical Trials are a key tool in the evaluation of new strategies for prevention and treatment of disease.  This certificate program focuses primarily on the design and analysis of randomized clinical trials for evaluation of licensed and non-licensed medical products and other health interventions, the regulatory framework for the conduct and evaluation of data from clinical trials, and ethical principles for the conduct of clinical trials.

The certificate program is open to both Post Doctoral Fellows and graduate students currently enrolled in any Johns Hopkins University division and to individuals who are not enrolled in degree programs at JHU.




Cognitive Science

Doctoral Major Minor Full-time In-person
  • Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Cognitive science is the study of the human mind and brain, focusing on how the mind represents and manipulates knowledge and how mental representations and processes are realized in the brain. Cognitive scientists explore functions such as perception, memory, and language using a variety of methods, such as behavioral studies, functional neuroimaging, linguistic analysis, and computational modeling.



Master's Part-time Hybrid In-person Online
  • Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

The Master of Arts in Communication offers practical and applied knowledge, taught by the social scientists who study effective communication and the practitioners who use it. Electives engage students by having them tackle real-life communication issues, develop usable communication skills, and build a strong portfolio.

In our core courses, you’ll learn to conduct and read primary research to create powerful messages and design and implement the most effective communication campaigns possible.

Community-based Primary Health Care Programs in Global Health

Master's Part-time Online
  • Bloomberg School of Public Health

This fully online, part-time degree program focuses on global frontline community health programs and delivering primary health care to underserved and impoverished populations.

The program, ideal for those who are currently working or plan to work in developing countries across the world, will provide students with an overview of the basic components of global or international health. It also includes coursework in evaluation and implementation, survey methods, planning, training and learning programs.

Community-based Public Health

Certificate Full-time Part-time Hybrid In-person
  • Bloomberg School of Public Health

This certificate program will develop students’ skills and competencies for careers in both community-based public health practice and research, particularly for applications in underserved urban settings.

The certificate is open to masters and doctoral students currently enrolled in any Johns Hopkins University division.

Computational Medicine

Bachelor's Minor
  • Whiting School of Engineering

Recent advances in modeling and computing technologies have opened the door to an array of new possibilities for identifying, analyzing, and treating human diseases. In this minor course of study, offered through JHU's interdisciplinary Institute for Computational Medicine, students learn how researchers are harnessing theoretical and computational tools to apply this “new medicine” to the exploration of fundamental biological components and treatment of disease.

Computer Integrated Surgery

  • Whiting School of Engineering

The growing demand for complex and minimally invasive surgical interventions is driving the search for ways to use computer-based information technology as a link between the pre-operative plan and the tools utilized by the surgeon. Computers, used in conjunction with advanced surgical assist devices, will fundamentally alter 21st-century operating rooms. Computer Integrated Surgery systems will  make surgeries safer and more effective by providing surgeons enhanced dexterity, visual feedback cues, and information integration.

Computer Science

Major Minor Full-time In-person
  • Whiting School of Engineering

Our well-rounded graduates are aggressively sought by leading industry innovators, such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Intel. And while the value in the job market of a degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University is undeniable, it is the exposure to cutting-edge research that truly sets us apart.

Counseling (MS)

Master's Full-time Part-time In-person
  • School of Education

The Master of Science in Counseling degree is designed to prepare individuals to work for the betterment of those around them, with concentrations in school counseling and clinical mental health counseling. The degree programs at our School of Education prepare competent, ethical, data- driven, culturally responsive and passionate counselors who become leaders in the profession.

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling area of concentration is offered part-time. The School Counseling area of concentration is offered full-time and part-time.

Cybersecurity / Security Informatics

Certificate Master's Full-time Part-time Hybrid In-person Online
  • Whiting School of Engineering

From power grids to wireless networks and the World Wide Web, cyberspace is all around us and permeates our daily lives. Keeping that space safe and secure–both against natural disasters and hackers–is an increasing concern. A world leader in teaching and research, the Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering provides students with the technical foundation and knowledge you will need to meet our nation’s growing demand for highly skilled information security professionals.