Taekwondo Test Information

General Info

We will be holding two types of tests: one during which Grandmaster T. Kang will evaluate the performance of the club, and another for belt rank promotions. Grandmaster's tests are not associated with belt promotions until black belt levels.

Grandmaster's tests

These tests are held on Sundays twice a semester. Grandmaster grades each club member on his or her taekwondo performance while a group follows an instructor's commands in front of him. We ask that all club members participate in these tests, even those who are not testing for rank or do not feel that their performance is adequate. All fees for Grandmaster's tests are paid by the club.

Attendance for these tests is very important.


Use your test number to find out how you are performing:

March 4th, 2012:88th Belt Test Results
April 29th, 2012:89th Belt Test Results
December 2nd, 2012:91st Belt Test Results
April 28th, 2013:93rd Belt Test Results
December 8th, 2013:Grandmaster's 95th Test Results


Test Section
Basic hand techniques
Basic kicking techniques
Kicking combinations
Pre-arranged sparring (e.g. one-steps)
Free sparring
Hand and kicking techniques with bags
Wood breaking

Belt rank tests


Students may test for their next level belt rank individually or with others of the same belt rank. A period of 6 weeks is recommended between belt tests, but students may test as frequently as every 3 weeks. When you are ready to advance to your next rank, please notify an instructor and we will schedule a test for you.

Test procedure

Tests require students to demonstrate thorough knowledge of material up to their current rank, as well as proficiency with taekwondo skills and certain levels of physical fitness. Each student will be given three attempts to correctly perform any given test item (e.g. Chon-Ji hyung, white-belt one-step #3). Tests will generally cover these areas:
  • Material requirements (double-previous through current levels)
    • Forms
    • Kicking combinations
    • Pre-arranged sparring
  • Bag work
  • Sparring (yellow belts and above)
  • Physical fitness
  • Breaking
Instructors will not explicitly correct students when they make mistakes, but will identify error types (e.g. stance, target height) to guide successive attempts.


If a student cannot correctly perform any test item, the test for that student will stop, and the student may try again no sooner than one week later. Previously completed test items may or may not be tested, at the instructor's discretion.

Test Payments

The fee for each belt test ranges from $0 to $90, based on class attendance. Attending a higher a percentage of classes since your last belt test, or the beginning of the school session, whichever is more recent, entitles you to a lower belt test fee. Payments can be paid as check (addressed to Michael Barry), cash in an envelope with your name on it, J-Cash, or online in the store.

Payments are due before the test begins. Test fees will not be refunded if a student fails a test, but later attempts to pass the same test will not be charged.

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