X-Terminal Function pt1 is your Xwindows connection to sdssmth. It's not required to observe with the 20-inch (it can be replaced with an X-Terminal) but having local power to run web browsers and editors is convenient (and was essential when sdssmth was a much slower machine).
Operating System It runs an off-the-shelf installation of Red Hat Linux 7.0 with some basic glibc and security updates. KDE is the default desktop but if you prefer Gnome, typing "switchdesk gnome" at the console login will change your startup settings. Both KDE and Gnome use the sawfish window manager here, so either will work with 8-bit display programs such as saoimage (saoDisplay) and ximtool.
Software Useful additions include IDL, iraf, ds9, saoimage, fv (a fits file viewer), Adobe Acrobat Reader, and sxQT.


Alan Uomoto
March 20, 2001