Length: 14 mins.

Yeltsin was videotaped during a press conference in Shriver Hall September 12, 1989.

Baltimore's former mayor, Kurt Schmoke, makes an appearance.

Boris Yeltsin Visits Hopkins on His First Trip to the U.S.

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Yeltsin fuels reports of drunken behavior during press conference at the University.

In 1989 Boris Yeltsin came to Baltimore as part of an eleven-city tour with The Johns Hopkins University as host. This visit would later be considered a public relations disaster.

Yeltsin's behavior was reported as erratic and unpredictable (apparently he spent quite a boisterous night at the Nichols House), seemingly to slur his words during this appearance.

The videotape found its way back to the homeland and was broadcast to an amazed Soviet public, adding to an already tarnished reputation and growing discontent.