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Abel Wolman was interviewed July 29, 1985 in his office, wearing the ever-present bowtie.

Abel "talks like a river that's burst the damn". Hullabaloo 1913


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Abel Wolman, the "Father of Sanitary Engineering", established the world's standard for clean water

Abel Wolman earned his pre-med degree in 1913 at Hopkins and then became one of the first three Hopkins Engineering graduates in 1915. He went on to pioneer the chlorinating process for public water supplies, thus bringing clean, safe drinking water to millions.

Almost 90 years later, this method is still used today. The New York Times commented that Wolman was the "best-known consultant on water and public health", advising over 50 foreign countries on establishing safe water supplies.

No city, however, could be more thankful than his native Baltimore, renaming its municipal building the Abel Wolman Municipal Building.