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Weekly Seminar

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Special Seminars: Spring 2004

Friday, April 2, 2004
4:00 pm
Ames 234
Dr. Gary Parker
St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota
“Water detrainment across settling interfaces: application of a new concept in deep-sea turbidity current dynamics to reservoir sedimentation”

Wednesday, April 7, 2004
3:00 pm
Hodson 210
Stephen Monismith
Stanford University
“Flow effects on subtidal salinity variations in Northern San Francisco Bay”
Stanford (as part of one week visit Host Meneveau)

Upcoming Seminar


Speaker: Dr. Johan Meyers (KU Leuven Mechanical Engineering)
Title: "Optimal Control of Wind Farms and Wind-Farm Boundary Layers"

Friday, April 18, 2014 ( Special Date)
3:00 p.m. (Special Time)
Ames Hall # 234 (Special Location)

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