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  • Our current research is focused on extending the protein chip technology to various model systems. More specifically, we are applying the existing yeast proteome chips to investigate the protein posttranslational modifications, such as (de)acetylation, (de)ubiquitylation, (de)methylation, and sumoylation. Our goal is to identify the substrates of these enzymes in an unbiased ways in collaboration with experts in the fields.
  • We have fabricated a pilot protein chip in herpesviruses, which contain all the important structural proteins in HSV, EBV, KSHV, and HCMV. We plan to identify protein-protein interactions in herpesviruses using such a chip. We also fabricated a lectin chip for profiling surface glycans in mammalian cells. So far, we have screened more than 30 different cell lines in humans on the lectin chips and have gained interesting information that allow us to differentiate these cells. More recently, we are funded to investigate the DNA motif binding specificity in human transcription factors.

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Contact Information:
Heng Zhu
E-mail: hzhu4@jhmi.edu
Phone: (410) 502-0878
FAX: (410) 502-1872