Campus Safety and Security

Weekly Campus Crime Report


August 5, 2013 - August 12, 2013



Theft - Clark Hall, 3rd floor - On Aug. 6th at 4:00 PM, an employee left the office leaving a cell phone charger plugged in under a cubicle desk. On Aug. 7th at 7:30 AM, the employee returned and found the office door unlocked and the charger missing. Investigation continuing.



ARREST - CCTV Monitoring / Recovered Stolen Auto - 3000 Blk. Lovegrove St. - On Aug. 12th at 2:42 AM, a vehicle was observed parking in the middle of the alley blocking the lane of travel. Four male occupants exited the vehicle and split up walking away separately. Campus officers and an off-duty Baltimore Police officer working for JHU responded to check on the vehicle and investigation revealed it had been reported stolen.  One of the males that walked from the vehicle, a 16-year old non-affiliate, was stopped by a campus officer on St. Paul St. and was arrested by Baltimore Police. Investigation continuing.


ARREST (Shoplifting) - 7-Eleven Store, 31st St. and N. Charles St. - On Aug. 12th at 4:02 AM, a non-affiliated male took several items of food  and ran from the store without paying. Campus officers located the suspect hiding under a parked car two blocks away. Baltimore Police arrested the suspect and charged him with theft. The suspect was issued a trespass warning by Campus officers.


Unarmed Assault and Robbery - Outside Patrol Area - 3600 Blk. Greenway - On Aug. 11th at 3:40 AM, a graduate student was robbed of his cell phone, backpack and wallet by three suspects. See Security Alert


Armed Robbery of Non-Affiliates - 2900 Blk. St. Paul St. - On Aug. 6th at 1:59 AM,  two non-affiliates were robbed of their cell phones and cash by two male suspects. Please see the security alert for suspect information and other details at the following link-


CCTV Monitoring / Vandalism (Graffiti) - Citation Issued - 3100 Blk. Lovegrove St. - On August 7th at 4:20 AM, a male suspect was observed spray painting a dumpster belonging to a private apartment building. A campus officer and an off-duty Baltimore Police officer working for JHU stopped the suspect on 32nd Street. Baltimore Police responded and issued the suspect a criminal citation for destruction of property. The suspect was trespassed warned for JHU property.


When traveling at night use the Blue Jay Shuttle service at 410-516-8700.  Blue Jay Shuttle Vans are operational from 5:45 PM to 4:00 AM.

All students are welcome to participate in the security ride along program.

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