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Programa SALUD at Johns Hopkins University

Our organization welcomes anyone who is interested in helping minorities in Baltimore, Maryland, specifically the increasing Hispanic minority. By means of our different projects, we provide assistance to those seeking medical care and other resources to improve their quality of life. Our organization gives volunteers a full immersion into the clinical side of medicine and the opportunity to help those in need while using their Spanish-speaking abilities. Proficiency in Spanish is not required, but basic knowledge of the language and a desire to improve is recommended. We are based at the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University and work with several partner institutions in the city of Baltimore such as the Esperanza Center, Eastern STD clinic, Eastern Family Planning and Casa de Maryland among others.

About Us

The purpose of our organization is to improve the health of the Hispanic community by providing health promotion education and eliminating the cultural and linguistic barriers that exist when seeking medical care.

To this end, SALUD mainly targets two populations, the Hispanic community and their healthcare providers by:

  • Organizing health fairs, health education presentations and community outreach events
  • Offering cultural competency training and interpretation services
  • Providing access to resources such as health insurance, financial, and pharmacy assistance to patients

The Hispanic minority has become the fastest growing minority of the nation and along with this overgrowth, there has been a lack of resources for many people. To prevent this issue from worsening and affecting our nation's public health, many initiatives similar to SALUD have been started all over the country. The language barrier between physicians and patients has become even stronger and the number of uneducated people has increased. As a result, hundreds of people have been left with limited to no access to medical care and other basic resources. This has been detrimental to the health of the community and the incidence rates of preventable disease and infections are higher than they should be.

Our projects

Family Planning

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Esperanza Center

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Bilingual Interpreting

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Mi Ayuda

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President: Eddie Kong

Vice President: Vanessa Markgraf

Treasurer: Jessica Margolies

Secretary: Arabiye Artola

Social Chair: Eduardo Ochoa

Mi Ayuda: Cristina Viguera

Family Planning: Julied Bautista

Esperanza Center: Rebeca Vergara

Bilingual Interpreting Lead: Grace Park


3400 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21218