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HSO Musicians' Information

The instructions on this page are for Hopkins Symphony Orchestra musicians. We keep this information as up to date as possible. If you have questions, please check with General Manager Nicoleen Willson at 410-516-6542 or hso@jhu.edu.

Attendance Policy

HSO violin reflected in Steinway

You're expected onstage 5 minutes before rehearsal begins, ready to tune at the official start of the rehearsal. 

When you know ahead of time that you’ll have to miss a rehearsal, please send an email to the HSO office: hso@jhu.edu. Make sure that your stand partner or another member of your section has the sheet music and can cover your part.

If you have to miss a rehearsal on short notice or if you expect to be more than a few minutes late for a rehearsal, inform the general manager (410-516-6542 or hso@jhu.edu) and, if possible, your stand partner or section leader.

To be allowed to play a concert, you may miss no more than two rehearsals, and you must attend all rehearsals during concert week (religious conflicts excepted). If you can’t meet these requirements, you may play the concert only with the conductor’s permission.

Inclement Weather Policy

On weekdays: If JHU is closed, HSO doesn’t rehearse. See http://esgwebproxy.johnshopkins.edu/notice/ or call the JHU weather emergency line at 410-516-7781 or 800-548-9004 to find out if the University is closed. HSO will notify musicians of any exceptions.

On weekends: HSO sets its own cancellation policy. Relevant notices will appear on this page and the main HSO page (http://www.jhu.edu/jhso/) and will also be available on the HSO office phone line at 410-516-6542.

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Member Parking Information

You can find details about getting to Shriver Hall and other HSO venues (GPS, maps, directions, and more) as well as specifics about where to park (costs, locations, etc).



Concert Dress


Photography and Videography Policy (September 2010)

Members of the HSO agree to the following statement:

"As a member of the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra, I understand that the HSO, other Johns Hopkins University affiliates, and designated outside persons may take still photographs and video footage of me during rehearsals and performances, and that my likeness may be used for educational, public information, and promotional materials about the HSO.

I give my permission for these approved persons to take and make reasonable use of photographs and videotapes of me. I understand and agree that I will not be paid for the use of these materials. I will not make any financial or legal claim against the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra or Johns Hopkins University for the use of these materials."

If any HSO member would like to opt-out of this policy, please send an email to the General Manager at hso@jhu.edu.

Last modified January 29, 2012