Frequently Asked Questions about the retreat room: Meeting participants

Where can I park?

Retreat Room guests should park in the lower ( Ellerslie Ave ) parking lot. You must register your car with Security at the front desk..

We're not getting catering; where can I get lunch?

Eastern has a cafeteria that's open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It's on the lower level; go to the Security desk and take the staircase down. There are also vending machines across from the cafeteria. There are also a few restaurants on nearby Greenmount Ave (The Thai Restaurant is particularly good!).

Where is the Retreat Room?

The Retreat Room is room A120 in Johns Hopkins at Eastern. It's right across the hall from the main Organization Development & Diversity offices in suite A110 .. Complete driving directions from different points can be found at: .

Who owns the Retreat Room?

This space is run by Organization Development & Diversity, in the Office of Human Services.

What's Organization Development & Diversity?

Our department works with leaders, departments, and individuals to increase organizational effectiveness within Johns Hopkins. You can learn more about our department by reading our brochure at

What is this space for?

The Retreat Room is a state-of-the-art retreat workspace designed to support activities directed at increasing organizational effectiveness.

What if I need to be reached during the meeting?

You'll be able to get messages via our front desk, at 443-997-6498. We'll deliver the message to you in the Retreat Room right away.

What if I need to make a call/send a fax/send an email during a meeting?

Please come and see our front desk; we can help you do any of those things with minimal interruption to your meeting.

Can I bring my laptop?

Yes. For Internet access, your laptop's MAC address must be registered with the "jhmiradio" network. We also currently have available Ethernet jacks.

Can I print from my own laptop?

We have a printer set up with a USB cable. You will need the correct driver to be able to print to our printer. Most of the time, you can attach the USB cable and when you restart the computer, it will automatically detect the printer and the driver will install itself. To be safe, check in advance that you have a driver for the HP OfficeJet D135.

How do I book the Retreat Room?

If you are interested in booking the Retreat Room, you can request a date by calling Bob Kleinschmidt at (443) 997-6498, or by clicking here and filling out the Reservation Request Form.

If you have any questions about our space or our booking policies, please contact Carlotta Chappelle at or at 443-997-6498.

What if I have a problem with the Retreat Room?

If you have any problems or questions about the space, please contact Carlotta Chappelle at or at 443-997-6498. If Carlotta is unable to assist you, please contact Nina Karp at or at 443-997-4777.

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