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About Our Space
Equipment Available in the Retreat Room
Planning Your Retreat
During Your Retreat
Booking the Retreat Room

About Our Space

Who owns this space?

This space is run by Organization Development & Diversity, in the Office of Human Services.

What is this space for?

The Retreat Room is a state-of-the-art retreat workspace designed to support activities directed at increasing organizational effectiveness.

How can the room be set up?

The room has two shapes of modular tables, which allow a variety of configurations. Some choices are: circular, oval, horseshoe, small "pods" or auditorium style. Pictures of different table configurations can be seen at: . Drawings of some table configurations can been seen at: .

How many people can the Retreat Room hold?

The Retreat Room is most comfortable for groups of 20 or fewer people. 20 people can sit around a large oval and see each other. For groups of 20-27, we can offer auditorium-style seating (like this: ). We can also set up an oval for 20 and put extra chairs in the back of the room.

Do you have pictures of the room?

Yes, at .

Can I come in and see the room?

Absolutely. Please contact Carlotta Chappelle ( or 443-997-6498) to schedule a tour and/or a demonstration of our equipment.

Equipment Available in the Retreat Room

Is there a computer in the room?

Yes, there's a main computer that can project onto either of our two screens.

Are there individual computers available for participants to use?

Yes, we can provide up to 20 laptops for use by meeting participants.

Can we use the Internet?

Yes. Internet access is available both on the main computer and on individual laptops.

What software is available for us to use in the room?

The main computer is loaded with

Microsoft Media Players Internet/e-mail Other

Word Project

Windows Media Player

Internet Explorer

Corel WordPerfect
CD writing software
Acrobat reader

The laptops are each loaded with Microsoft Word, Access. Excel, FrontPage, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer.

Can I install my own software on the main computer and/or laptops?

The answer is almost always "yes" -contact Carlotta Chappelle, the OD&D Technical Resource Coordinator, at 443-997-6498 or to talk about your software needs.

I'm going to use the main computer to project my presentation. How shall I bring it to the Retreat Room?

You can bring your file on diskette, CD-ROM, or Zip disk. You can also e-mail it to the day before your event.

Can I bring my own laptop?

Certainly. There are power outlets located throughout the room.

Can I project from my own laptop?

Yes, we have a projector set up to accept laptops.

Can I print from my own laptop?

We have a printer set up with a USB cable. You will need the correct driver to be able to print to our printer. Most of the time, you can attach the USB cable and when you restart the computer, it will automatically detect the printer and the driver will install itself. To be safe, check in advance that you have a driver for the HP OfficeJet D135.

Can I access the Internet from my own laptop?

Yes, if you have a wireless card. You will need to send us your MAC address before the event so that we can register it with our network (please email it to; you will also need the webkey for the "jhmiradio" network. Your LAN administrator can help you with both of these requirements.

Can we video/audiotape our meeting?

Yes, our room has built-in microphones and four videocameras with which to record your meeting. Make sure you let us know in advance that you want to video/audiotape. You can't video and audiotape at the same time, but if you record something to a videotape, an audiotape can later be made from the videotape.

Can I show a DVD or videotape?

Yes, you can project a DVD and/or a videotape. Since we have two screens, you can simultaneously project from the main computer or laptop, if you wish.

What office supplies are available for us to use during our retreat?

Almost anything you can think of! Pens, pencils, all sorts of markers, tape, colored dots, self-stick notes in all sizes, index cards (lined and unlined) in three sizes, plain paper, colored paper, note pads, masking tape, double-sided tape. a complete directory is available in the room. A PDF of the directory can be emailed to you upon request; contact Carlotta Chappelle at or at 443-997-6498.

Can I play music before/after/during break in the meeting?

Yes! We have a small collection of music CDs; please feel free to bring your own.

Planning Your Retreat

Is there someone we can get to help facilitate our session?

Yes. The office of Organization Development and Diversity can provide skilled facilitation for your planning session or retreat. Contact our front desk at 443-997-6498 at least four weeks in advance of your retreat date. We'll either arrange for one of our Organization Development Specialists to facilitate your session or refer you to an outside facilitator.

Is there someone I can consult with to help me plan our retreat, and give me tips for facilitating our session myself?

Yes. One of our Organization Development Specialists can set up a phone or in-person meeting with you to help you maximize the effectiveness of your retreat. Contact our front desk at 443-997-6498 at least four weeks before your event.

During Your Retreat

How early can I arrive on the day of the meeting?

The Retreat Room will be unlocked one half-hour before your meeting is scheduled to begin. If you need to arrive earlier, please let us know in advance. For times outside of normal business hours (8:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m.) additional fees will apply.

What if our meeting runs late?

The room will be reserved for you for one half-hour before and after your scheduled event. If you need to stay longer, please ask us. If the room is available, you're welcome to stay (overstays beyond normal hours will incur costs). If the room is scheduled for someone else, we may be able to help you find another space to work in.

How can we capture what goes on in our meeting?

There are lots of different ways. You can audio-or videotape your meeting. You can use our electronic whiteboard. You can have notes taken by a Meeting Assistant. We can burn CDs with archives of materials produced during your meeting. We can even help you post meeting notes and documents on a private web site, only accessible to meeting participants.

How can I capture work that we've done on a flipchart?

You have a few options. You can use our electronic whiteboard instead of using flipcharts. The electronic whiteboard recorder (the "Mimio") allows you to capture your whiteboard notes in digital format. You write normally on the whiteboard, using a special pen and eraser. It captures your text and pictures in full color; you can then email or print out the files. We can arrange for you to have one of our trained student Meeting Assistants; your Meeting Assistant can type up your flipcharts for you during the meeting. If you have graphic data, your Assistant can take digital pictures of your flipcharts.

What happens with regard to Retreat Room events when the University is closed?

When Homewood has a holiday, we are closed. If the Homewood campus is unexpectedly closed, the Retreat Room also closes. You can check whether the Homewood campus is closed by visiting or calling (410) 516-7781.

Booking the Retreat Room

Who can book the Retreat Room?

This space is for Johns Hopkins groups engaging in activities that are related to organizational development. These might include retreats, courses, strategic planning, and meetings facilitated by our staff.

The Retreat Room is a space specifically designed for extended meetings. Half-day and all-day events will have priority over shorter events.

What hours can I book the room for?

We always try to accommodate your scheduling needs, which may include weekends and evenings. For meetings outside normal business hours, additional fees will apply.

How much notice do I need to give you to book the room?

Groups engaging in activities that are directly related to organizational development will always have priority in booking the Retreat Room. Beyond that, the room is booked on a first-come first-serve basis. If the room is free we'll be happy to accommodate you at short notice, but the room does get quite busy - if a date's important to you, book early!

Do we have to pay to use the Retreat Room?

There are direct costs associated with the use of the Retreat Room. Some of these costs are fixed, and some of them are for optional services. Our fees cover the replacement of supplies, setup, and breakdown of the room. These fees are quite modest, typically less than $50 per event. Please speak with the Retreat Room Coordinator for more information about costs.

Long distance telephone calls will be charged back to you.

How do I book the Retreat Room?

If you are interested in booking the Retreat Room, you can request a date by clicking here and filling out the Reservation Request Form, or by contacting Carlotta Chappelle at or at 443-997-6498.

What if I have a problem with the Retreat Room?

If you have any problems or questions about the space, please contact Carlotta Chappelle at or at 443-997-6498. If Carlotta is unable to assist you, please contact Nina Karp at or at 443-997-4777.

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