SEE For Yourself on Monday


Get Involved in JHU’s Healthy Monday Program!

Do you want to improve your …

  • grades?
  • attention span?
  • productivity?
  • self-image?
  • health?
  • quality of life?

You’ve come to the right place!

The SEE Campaign— “Sleep, Eat, Exercise is all about helping JHU students maintain a healthy balance of rest, exercise, and nutritious eating that can have a positive influence on performance.

Study after study shows that when students keep these actions in balance, they improve their chances for success - now and for years to come.

The SEE for Yourself campaign challenges every student to take time out once each week to balance their lives and improve their health!

Here’s the deal:

  • Each week, SEE for Yourself will post the Healthy Monday
    Challenge in the daily announcements.
  • Challenges range from getting an extra hour of sleep to eating a
  • You’ll see a link to the research that shows how you benefit
    by participating in the challenge.
  • Do the challenge, SEE the difference in your life.

We invite you to join us through our virtual community and in our weekly challenges.  Look for us at the Fresh Food Café and other places on campus! 

During the academic year some of the activities will include:
Mellow Out Monday back rubs provided for FREE by Stressbusters at the MSE Q level 8-10 pm
Move It Monday 
Quit on Monday 
Free brain food on Mondays at various campus locations

The SEE campaign is part of the Johns Hopkins Healthy Monday program, which uses Monday as the day dedicated to increase health awareness and action.  The SEE for yourself campaign is hosted/sponsored by

Center for Health Education and Wellness (CHEW)
Counseling Center
O'Connor Recreation Center
Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

Healthy Monday is a national network of health advocacy organizations, government agencies, hospitals, health and fitness facilities, schools, businesses, and individuals are rallying together to make Monday the start of a healthier life. 

Raising Health on Campus: Over 55 schools, colleges and universities have embraced The Monday Campaigns. Be it diet, fitness or smoke cessation, across our entire range of campaigns, a weekly commitment to wellness puts students, faculty and staff on the path to a healthy lifestyle! Find out about what some other universities are doing for Healthy Monday:
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