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Frequently Asked Questions

Meal Plans

What happens if I don't use all of my meal swipes each week?

Any uneaten meals for the week expire as of midnight each Saturday and are forfeited.

Can I change my Dining Plan?

Yes. During the first week of each semester, you have the opportunity to change your Meal Plan (within eligible plans). Simply visit the Dining Website and fill out an electronic Meal Plan Change Form.

Can I treat a friend using my Meal Plan?

Meal swipes are only for your use. If you would like to treat a friend, you can use a guest pass at FFC or Nolan's (as a Meal Exchange) or your Dining Dollars at any on-campus dining location.

Can I cancel my Meal Plan?

No, once you are enrolled in a meal plan, you are committed for the entire academic year unless your student status changes.

How do I sign up for a Meal Plan?

It's easy! Either stop by the Dining Office in Wolman Hall, Room 103, to fill out a form or go to our website and you will find an electronic form.

Dining Dollars

Do Dining Dollars carry over?

Unspent Dining Dollars do carry over from first to second semester, but expire at the end of the academic year. Any unspent Dining Dollars at that time are forfeited.

What do I do when my Dining Dollars run low?

You can reload. Simply add to your account with check, money order, or by billing your student account. Visit the Dining Office in Wolman Hall, Room 103 or find the electronic form on our website to reload.

Why do I pay more for Dining Dollars?

The Dining Dollars you receive cover the cost of the food and the staff involved in preparing and serving the food. The difference between the Dinning Dollars you receive and the price paid is the facilities fee associated with the University's cost of building, furnishing, and maintaining the dining facilities and equipment for dining service operations.


How can I get a meal if I am sick?

Contact the Student Health and Wellness Center. They can provide you with the proper documentation to be used to obtain a sick to-go container.

Can I take a meal out of the Fresh Food Cafe?

If your class schedule does not allow you a meal in the Fresh Food Cafe, you may opt to use your meal swipe to purchase a self-serve to-go container for one pass through the servery. No other containers of food may exit the facility.

Where can I get a meal if I have a class conflict that does not allow for time to get to the Fresh Food Cafe?

If your class schedule will not allow you to enjoy a meal in the Fresh Food Cafe, you may opt to use a meal swipe to purchase either a meal from the Fresh Food Cafe (with a to-go container), or one of the Meals-In-A-Minute offerings inside The Market at Levering or Charles St. Market.

What if I am on a regular meal plan and would like to dine in the Kosher section of the Fresh Food Cafe?

Simply stop by the cashier in the Fresh Food Cafe and ask for a Kosher meal pass to give to the attendant in the Kosher servery. Meals in the Kosher area cost an additional $3.00 per person.