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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maggie and Katie. Sean taking levels.
Sheri drawing.

Early morning, and it is time to do what we do each morning. Sean is taking levels, Maggie and Katie are setting up their notebooks, and Sheri is working on a drawing in Marina’s square. Nice to see everyone knowing what to do and just doing it.

, from above.
View of the trough from side.

Ashraf has been excavating feature 2, the trough, in Katie’s trench. This feature appeared early in our excavation and has been with us ever since. It was used over a significant period of time during the Second Intermediate Period, mud plaster being added atop the brick courses that formed its base. Now that the bottom of the Feature has been reached Allie and Hannah begin the task of placing it on the square’s drawing. Here you see them recording a point on the brick.

Allie and Hannah recording a point.

Square 9. Skull.

A few days ago on the 18th you saw a feature in Gaultier’s square 9, on the southeast. A row of rounded mud bricks appeared and disappeared into the baulk, and we thought then that there might be something beneath – perhaps a burial. Unfortunately we did not sufficiently warn our qufti to be on the lookout in this area, and early in the morning a turiya hit a skull. Since that time we have found that the corner produced the jaws of more than one adult and the teeth of a juvenile. This was after we had ceased any digging in the area but were sifting. There was probably disturbance in antiquity, but now we have covered this location. 


Group picture.

Ashley arrived today (after a long and delayed flight), and the group at the Amon Hotel had a gala time that evening. By the way she just came from her wedding four days ago, and Katie will be departing in a couple of days to be married! Dedication for sure.


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