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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

View of central 6.
View of central 6 and 7.

Morning shot of Marina’s central 6 trench shows the large wall on the west (right) that we find in Maggie’s central 7 as well. The photo from Jay’s ladder shows a bit of both squares with these features.  As we noted yesterday, the cross wall remains somewhat enigmatic in its relationship to the west feature into which it disappears.  

Remains of human teeth and bones. However, near where it terminates on the east human remains appeared in the baulk today. Here you see a shot of human teeth and bones. Unfortunately these are greatly disturbed, and we have acted to keep them safe until next winter when the baulk (which now contains a minimum of three partial burials) can be taken down. Hannah, Sean, Marina, and Sheri share a moment of enjoyment as Jay snaps the pic, while Abdel-Aziz continues work in the trench.
Hannah, Sean, Sheri, and Marina.

Today we have very special visitors – and one in particular extremely special! Christiane Amanpour and a crew from ABC TV are visiting us, and it would be just untruthful not to say that I am truly star struck. So here are (with their permission) a few images of the visit. May I say that Ms. Amanpour was enthusiastic about everything, asked questions of everyone, including the quftis.

Christiane Amanpour.

with ABC crew.

The action was greatest around Katherine’s square East 11 where yesterday a Second Intermediate Period burial was found with its hips and lower legs turned upright by a wall construction of the 18th Dynasty. I began to show Christiane and her producer Jenna around the site and told her that we were cleaning a burial. Just at that moment it came into view for her, and you see her completely non-staged reaction in Jay’s photo. Her mouth dropped open and she began to talk and ask questions one after another.

Ms Amanpour reacts to the skeleton. The skeleton uncovered.
Ms Amanpour asking questions.  Betsy describing the placement of the skeleton.
Katherine is fitted with a microphone. I showed her how the hands were placed next to the turned head, and then she asked to go down into the trench to interview Katherine (whom you see submitting to the microphone). They talked for a long time in the square, after which she talked to qufti Yasin who had first found the burial.
Interviewing Katherine.

Allie and her helper.

Everyone was enjoying this very different type of day. Allie was sifting the dirt from the burial, and she and her helper are both smiling at the show. Meanwhile Katie was having a conversation with another member of the visiting group who is writing a book to accompany the project that Christiane is working on. We had a ball today – I have to admit it.

Katie talks with ABC crew member.


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