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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Discussing the day's work.
Marina considers her progress.

Beginning of the day, and we normally begin by talking about what the immediate plan for excavation will be. Meredith tells me that she will be working in the north and center of her square, having focused on the south area the day before. Marina considers her progress in the square just west of Meredith’s. Allie is drawing the north-south and east-west walls in Meredith’s trench, and here is studying the brick which can be very difficult to see in this dry silty environment. A little later we see Meredith taking levels before beginning another level of removal.

Allie studying the brick for drawing.
Meredith taking levels.

Square east 11.

In Katherine’s east 11 square the large wall on the east of the trench is being removed in sections, from north to south. You see here a view looking east that shows the well-preserved bricks in the baulk descending five courses. The photo has been taken a level beneath this, and there are visible fallen bricks on the surface and in the baulk in the level above. The north-south wall was associated with several cross walls of rooms, all of them dating by pottery to the mid-18th Dynasty.

Katherine and Gaultier.

Square east 12. Katie’s square east 12 has had a number of brick and brick-like features since we began to work in it in January 2011; but it has had few rectilinear walls other than abutting the baulks. A large trough is at the north of the trench, and now an east-west wall has appeared just south of it. Above this brick by a few centimeters and on its east is a “floor” that lies at the bottom of a thick deposit of Second Intermediate Period pottery, with burned areas scattered throughout. This floor contains round “mud bricks,” that are hand-formed.
Square east 12.
Sean and Sheri.
Sean drawing.

Sean and Sheri are drawing the features in the square and find it, not surprisingly, rather challenging.

Sheri drawing.

Ayman showing his ink-dipped finger.

Today is the second day of run-off voting for President here. You see Ayman, Manager of the Oasis Palace Restaurant (best chocolate chip cookies east of Baltimore), displaying his ink-dipped finger!


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