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Monday, June 11, 2012

Due to some computer glitches earlier in the season, I have unintentionally combined some of the photos taken between June 6 and 13 into earlier dates and now find that I have covered the major work up to June 13 already. For this reason I am going to skip to June 14 from here.

View of east 13 square.

Progress has been slow in Meredith east 13 square, but she has had the most spectacular material, most of it 18th dynasty. She is now watching Mohamed, her qufti, remove a brick feature in the west of her trench, after it had been drawn. Mona looks on.

Meredith overseeing work on east 13.

Monika holding drawing.
Sean and Sheri drawing.

The drawings are now pouring out from several trenches: Monika proudly displays her completion of Maggie’s east square 7 that she has been working on for a week. Sean and Sheri are measuring and drawing the strange and unusual features in Katie’s square east 12 so that some of them can be removed.

Katie's square east 12.

Sorting pottery.

The pottery helpers are making my life much easier. There is so much pottery, as ever, that the mats become covered with washed sherds until there is no more room, but Hannah, Sean, and Sheri have been sorting away to help clear the area. Today Darcy joins in. They sort, count, record, and bag; then when I can I do the analyses.

Pottery drawing.
Hannah preparing sheet.

Late in the day, it’s pottery drawing again back at the Amon Hotel on the west. You see Maggie and Darcy discussing their plans for the day, with Allie and Monika already hard at work. Hannah readies her sheet, while Allie checks her work. This is a great group of students, and I am very appreciative!

Allie checks her work.

Tomorrow we are off for a three-day visit to Middle Egypt – Amarna and Beni Hasan, as well as Akhmim and Meir.


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