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Saturday, June 2, 2012

An opening picture of Sean and Sheri (with Allie partially caught in the background) that I think is just great. These undergrads are so busy and accomplished. As I said earlier, Sean and Allie are drawing all the walls in Square 11 themselves and are nearing completion despite the temperature.  We are just wondering what they will come up with next! Sean and Sheri.
Square 11.
Allie drawing.

New people are arriving every day! In addition to the Egyptian inspectors, our artist Darcy Hackley has come from Cairo. She will be teaching the students how to draw pottery back at the hotel in the afternoons. Here she and Sean are watching the action in new squares. Darcy Hackley with Sean.

Squares 7 and 9.

Taking levels

Gaultier’s square 9 is contiguous with square 7, and we have removed the baulk between the two. We will determine whether there are walls connecting the two areas as we continue to excavate. The pot you see was enclosed by a later wall and is now only visible at its neck. Notice the dark ash area to the east. This is found on the south side of the brick as well. Gaultier is taking elevations in the trench to assure that the baulk removal reaches the same level as the rest of square 9.

SCA Inspector Mervat is working with Meredith and Monika now in the new square 13. We are happy to participate in training Egyptian archaeologists, and she and Mona come from the Karnak office. Monika is now helping Mervat learn how we triangulate with tapes for small finds in squares.

Monika, Meredith, and Inspector Mervat.
Monika helping Mervat.

Just a really nice photo of Katherine. Her big floppy hat makes it hard to get pictures of her, but this one is great!


Maggie’s square 7 continues to surprise. A wall running east-west has emerged next to the three-sided structure (probably a pen of some sort). You may notice a break in the wall’s direction toward the upper (east) part of the photo where there is, however, also lighter soil that is in fact brick. In the close up picture you see a configuration of brick making an oval between the parts of wall. Ayman’s trowel hovers over a faint light circle in the soil – it is the skull of a child, the bricks mark the burial place. Unfortunately, although Roxie and Salima are here at present, they do not feel that the conditions are good for removing this burial now, particularly as Roxie is still working on the skeleton, and Salima came to study my animal bones. Therefore we will cover the emerging bone and wait to disinter until the winter.

Work in square 7.
Uncovering a skull.


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