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Thursday, May 31, 2012


View of square 7.
View of features in square 7 level 19. In Maggie’s Square 7 things truly change each level. In the two views of her trench level 18 shows now a scatter of bricks on the floor of the three sided structure and a mud brick wall emerging just north of it at the bottom of the photo. Level 19 shows new brick to the east (left) and a few others between them and the new wall, but at a different orientation. Monika has been helping Maggie record the work here, and today she is herself helping to teach one of two Egyptian SCA inspectors who have joined us for archaeological training. Mervat is learning how we take measurements and record them for our drawings.
Mervat learning to take measurements.

Katherine with Mona and Mervat. View of square 12.

Katherine’s square 12 has produced an unusual round feature at its southwest corner that is bricky and not a thin magloob suface. Mona and Mervat, our new team members from the SCA, are learning from Katherine what she has been doing in the trench.


Sheri, Marina and Gaultier. Sheri, Marina, and Gaultier compare information for drawings using the calculator. It has been an active day with all attempting to finish their drawings in order to start new squares on Saturday, the 2nd.

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