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Monday, May 28, 2012

From left to right, Meredith Fraser, Allie Burek, and Sean Nutting get out of the sun. Admittedly I asked them to look at the camera – something Jay (our "official" photographer) would surely frown upon, but they are working so hard that their heads are always down.

Getting out of the sun.

Having tea.

Katie Cobb, Egyptology graduate student shares a “tea” moment with Marina and Sheri who are working together drawing square 8 walls.

Having tea.

Gaultier Mouron, graduate student from Switzerland, has joined us for a second year, and we are glad to have his upbeat personality with us again. He joins Meredith, Sean, and Allie for a moment of levity as they wait for the workers to finish empying their trenches.

Waiting for the workers.

View of square 9.

Square 9 where the complete executed skeleton was found in 2011 is now clean, and excavation will resume here. We will begin by removing the baulk between 9 and 7 visible at the top left of the photograph. We hope to better understand the brick walls which you see partially covering the upper stone column base.

Monika Lay and Maggie Bryson are working together now in Square 7 where Maggie worked in 2011.

Working in square 7.

Taking levels.

Allie in the foreground helps to lay out the stakes for Square 12 while Gaultier and Katie (background) are recording levels in each trench before work begins. Sheri and Sean hold the stadia rod for Gaultier and Katie, while Marina checks her drawing.

Holding the stadia.


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