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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our work begins.

We visited the site yesterday, but our work is beginning slowly since our squares had been backfilled to protect the mud brick. Rais Farouk and his team are busy emptying the loose redim from the trenches. As they finish we begin drawing walls that could not be drawn in January 2011 when we left early due to the revolution.

Introducing some of the team.

I would like to now introduce some new faces on the 2012 team: here from left to right, Marina Escolano-Poveda, graduate student in Egyptology is showing Monika Lay, Sheri Leonard, and Alexandria (Allie) Burek how we do our wall drawings.

Marina in her trench.

In square 8 which Marina directed in 2011, she directs Sheri (in the trench) with Allie, Sean Nutting, and Monika looking on.

Katherine Davis instructs students in taking levels.

Katherine Davis, graduate student in Egyptology, teaches Sean, Sheri, Monika, and Allie how to use our ancient non-electronic but highly accurate level in preparation for taking elevations in each trench where we will resume excavation.

Our Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) Inspector Amr is someone we have known in Luxor for many years. He is a fine Egyptologist and will be joined by some younger colleagues next week when they work with us for a while.

SCA Inspector Amr.

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