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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Working on the column drums.
Franck laying out a second concrete pad.
Creating column drums.

Franck has now laid out the second concrete pad for the columns on the west side of the second Court. Laurent and Christophe continue to produce column drums from the raw sandstone blocks delivered from the Silsila quarries.  It is truly fascinating to watch them in action. What skill and confidence it takes to do this work.

Working on the column drums.
Working on the column drums.

View of trenches B/C.
Dr. Suleiman visits our site.
Betsy and Dr. Suleiman look at the embankment.

Today Dr. Ibrahim Suleiman, Director of Karnak Temples visited the temple and looks at the huge embankment on the east with Betsy. Jay’s photographs of trenches B/C show both the quay and the baked brick feature opposite it. In square A extension we now also have baked brick running from the quay northeast, and it must have joined this brick wall. Sayed will eventually reveal it, and the baulk will be removed to show the junction.  We also looked at the reused blocks at trench I, and Ibrahim was very pleased to see the goddess block.

View of the quay.
Baked brick feature.

Pilgrim graffito.

This is for my colleague Richard Jasnow and for Tina DiCerbo, both aficionados of pilgrim graffiti, particularly Demotic ones. It is a highly modest offering, but coming from the top of the embankment blocks in trench I at the southeast of the temple peninsula it is revealing. This low course of stone was used in the late Ptolemaic or very early Roman era as a graffito site.


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