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Welcome tutors!

Thank you for your continued interest in the Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project! We appreciate all the support and participation you have given over the many years that this program has been running.

If you are looking to become a new tutor, thanks so much! We are always happy to welcome Johns Hopkins undergrads to share in this great experience. Come to Levering 200, fill out a tutor application or submit this application, and you will soon be on your way to fun times with a really great tutee.

Returning tutors, we are also very glad to have you back! If you have not filled out a returning tutor form, please fill out this application and submit it. Be sure to take a look at the tutorial calendar to see when we've scheduled all the awesome events and training sessions for you.

Interestered in becoming an organizer? Complete this application due on Friday, April 18th.

Cool Websites for Tutors to Use with their Kids!
This website has links to several interactive math games including math baseball, math brain, and dare to be square. Users can set the level of the player and the length of play. Make sure to check them out yourself before trying them with your tutee.

Learning Planet
A complete set of reading and math games for you and your tutee to explore. Examples include "Rats," where the character on the screen must catch things that fall from the sky based on category. This game can test upper verse lower case letters or nouns verse verbs. Lots of other games to chose from as well.

The White House
This site contains information and activities for children to learn more about our president's residence.

NASA for Kids
This site has many interesting activities. For example, to create a "word find" puzzle for your tutee, click on "Teacher's Corner," then click on "Word Find Builder" and follow the directions from there.

PBS for Kids
This site has a lot of games and learning activities based around TV shows from PBS such as Arthur and Clifford. You can use this site to work on math, reading, or writing.

Click on "High Bandwidth Site" to enter the playground area. This site has online games with images from Dr. Seuss books and printable activity sheets. The activities here are mostly for beginning readers, but can be fun for all ages!

Roald Dahl Official Website
Every tutor and every tutee loves Roald Dahl. This website has everything from biographical information (for author studies) to crossword puzzles and mini-quizzes (for older readers) to word hunts and interactive games (for everyone). You can also check out for more Roald Dahl fun.

Math Games
This website has an interactive baseball math game for all levels. First, choose the kind of game and level you wish to play. The computer generates the problems randomly. If the tutee answers correctly, they get a "hit." Wrong answers count as a strike.



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