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This section is one of our favorites. Check out all the amazing things our tutees have done over the semesters! These kids are really important to us and to their tutors, so we make sure they have lots of fun while learning about math, reading, writing, art, geography, current events, the environment, culture and much, much more.

Author's Corner

We love to show off the wonderful work our kids have done in strengthening their creative skills. Take a look at some stories in the Author's Corner below!

Neil Saves the Day
by Elijah Mosley

Once upon a time, there was a famous astronaut named Neil Armstrong. He was taking a trip to Jupiter in 1940. Neil and his astronaut crew were on his spaceship, named the Johns Hopkins. Neil and his crew had just left the atmosphere of the Earth when something terrible happened. His engine broke down in space.
Neil got scared and he panicked. Luckily, his friend Ryback was travelling to Jupiter also. Ryback had a tool kit aboard his spaceship too. So he attached the cord to the engine and the fuel went into the cord. The engine started to work. They went to Jupiter, ate sandwiches, and filled up a bottle with Jupiter’s gas. Then they came back to Earth. They landed on the balcony of Levering Hall and everyone took pictures of them.
The End!

Candy Land
by Adria Johnson

One  day  there  was  a  little  girl.  She  knew  a  secret  land   called  Candy   Land.   Everything  is  candy. The  road  is  made  out  of  Twizzlers  and  the  trees  are  cotton  candy.  The  sun  is  lemonheads  and  the  clouds  are cotton  candy. The sky is blue  raspberry Airheads. There are Swedish fish swimming in lemon juice in the aquarium. The  houses  are  jollyranchers.  The  people  are  sour  patch  kids.  The rain is sour  candy. Then,  Adria  came  and  ate  all  the  candy.


Fin's Floaties
by Myles Evans

Once upon a time there was a boy named Fin. Fin uses science to test if clay can float. He discovers that clay can float! He uses this floating clay to make a clay floatie for Pyper, his sister. Pyper needs a floatie because she does not know how to swim. When Fin puts Pyper in the floatie she begins to swim all around the pool. Pyper enjoys swimming very much. Pyper says “thank you” to Fin and Fin says “you’re welcome.” When Fin’s friends see the floatie they want floaties for their sisters! So, Fin teaches all his frie  nds how to make Clay floaties. One day Fin gets a call from the President of the United States of America. The President likes Fin’s invention! The President tells every store to make Fin’s floaties. This makes Fin very rich and very happy.

Zombie Bride
by Allen Wilkins

Once upon a time, there was a zombie lady named Ellen. She fell in love with a balloon. This might sound weird but this balloon was not your ordinary balloon. Balloon-man, named Ben, had a magical power. It did not run out of air! Evil Dr. Eggman tried to kidnap Ellen, but the balloon-man saved her. While Randy and Ellen were walking back home, another evil man stepped into their way. “That’s my girl!” cried Gouken. “No! I love Ben, not you!” said Ellen. Gouken and balloon-man battled. Balloon-man crushed Gouken’s kingdom by compressing all of the air out. After two victories, Ellen and the balloon got married. They went on a honeymoon to France and lived happily ever after. 


Alien and Robot Fight
by Kawan Bivens

There were aliens and robots on the moon. They both wanted to live on the moon, so the alien king, Catman, challenged the robots to a race. The king picked the fastest alien, Dogman, to represent the aliens because he could pick up eight cars at the same time. The fastest robot, Superman, could pick up seven hundred and seventy seven cars, run faster than five trucks, and jump higher than seven buildings. The race started, but Dogman fell and Superman won. The aliens and robots talked and they got together and lived on the moon for one thousand years.



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