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Mission Statement:

Remington Outreach strives to bridge the Hopkins and Remington communities.  We are an activism group that works with residents of all ages to initiate and support Remington revitalization projects in an effort to help the community grow and improve.


Remington Outreach works on many projects of varying types.  Every second and fourth Saturday of the month, we spend the morning in Remington working on various community projects.  Students meet and walk down to Remington together (around 9:15), where they share breakfast with teenagers and residents who they will work alongside that day.  We often split into several groups to work on many different projects on a given Saturday.  Students re-convene at Kromer Hall, a community meeting space in a local church, after the morning’s work (around noon) for the walk back to campus and sometimes for lunch.

Many of the projects we work on are day-to-day service projects like planting bulbs, working in the community garden, and picking up trash along major streets.  We also work with residents on their projects, such as the Alley Gating and Greening project, which creates communal backyards by turning alleyways into community green spaces.  This involves clearing lots of debris, planting, cleaning up trash, etc.
Remington Outreach strives to promote environmental action projects as well.   Volunteers work with residents to plant trees and bushes to combat erosion and invasive non-native species along the Wyman Park Trail.  We plan to return each season to plant more bushes and flowers, and to keep the trails clear. Future plans also include working on roof cooling and spreading the use of energy-efficient light-bulbs.

Additionally, Remington Outreach members work with the Homework Club in Remington, which meets every Monday night.  There, students tutor Remington school children, help them with their homework, and share a meal. Members also work alongside and informally mentor Remington teenagers who are members of the Youth Conservation Corps.  This is a group of Remington teens and pre-teens who work on the above projects for minimum wage on Saturday and Sunday morning.  This adds a mentoring dimension to the work we do.  Members also participate in some activities that involve working with younger Remington children to make Valentines, plant bulbs, etc.

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