About the Center

2011-2012 Provisional Groups


This is a list of our newly formed groups, their mission statements and contact information.

ACWa-Alliance for Clean Water
Contact: Hannah Cohen ,hcohen21@jhu.edu
ACWa hopes to work towards their vision of clean water for everyone. They hope to raise awareness, increase the perception of the difference students can make, and provide an outlet for student outreach. They also hope to serve as a bridge that connects JHU Students to preexisting organizations in the community.

.Bringing Books Back
Contact: Alexandra Larsen, alarse11@jhu.edu
Bringing Books Back has two main ideas. It holds a book collection for incoming Freshmen and their old SAT/AP prep books in the Fall. Throughout the school year, they have tutoring rooms (one is already in place) at local high schools and help Baltimore City students better prepare for their college entrance exams. .

Charm City Science League
Contact: Julia Zhang, juliaannzhang@gmail.com
CCSL's mission is to substantially increase academic performance in Baltimore City schools, with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education through one-on-one mentoring, science Olympiad competitions, and greater community involvement.

Homewood Education Advocacy Resource (HEAR)
Contact: Liza Brecher, liza.brecher@gmail.com
HEAR will provide city public school parents with help obtaining and implementing educational plans for their children when needed.

Hopkins Honeybees
Contact: Jessica O'Neill, joneil25@jhu.edu
Hopkins Honeybees has been educating the community about the environmental necessity of honeybees through beekeeping, workshops and activities.

Hopkins Helping the Homeless
Contact: Maurice Dunn mdunn23@jhu.edu
Hopkins Helping the Homeless hopes to start a steady stream of JHU volunteers helping in local soup kitchens as well as to raise money for a publication written by the homeless, Word on the Street.

JHU International Service Learning
Contact: Reid Woods, jhu.islrep@gmail.com
This group brings what it has brought abroad to our local community. They help at the Baltimore Veteran Affairs Hospital and Shepherd's Clinic and gain experience by engaging in hands-on activities in a real-life setting of practicing medicine.

People for People’s Community Health Center
Contact: Alexandra Snock, asnock1@jhu.edu
"People for People's Community Health Center" is comprised of student volunteers that ensure the center is able to deliver efficient and accessible healthcare to both underinsured and uninsured patients in the Baltimore area.

Project Medishare
Contact: Michael Ragheb, Michael.j.ragheb@gmail.com
Project Medishare will provide medical and financial aid to Haiti for the treatment of hydrocephalus through collection of recycled sterile medical instruments and travel to Haiti to volunteer.

Story Pals
Contact :Sarah Furlong, sarahfurlong0@gmail.com
Story Pals develops meaningful mentoring relationships through reading stories to local elementary school children for as little a commitment as one hour a week.