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Crossover Basketball and Hampden Sports have recently joined forces after previously being two separate groups.

Greenmount Crossover Basketball aims to provide inner-city children with attention and guidance through the medium of basketball. Hopkins volunteers serve as positive role models for the children in the program, making sure they are heading in the right direction at a crucial part in their lives.

At Greenmount Recreation Center, we group the kids into either two teams or 3+ teams to participate in either a full out basketball game or multiple pick-up games depending on the number of kids we have on any particular day. We hope to create tighter bonds with the kids of Greenmount so that we can mentor kids on topics both on the court and off. 

Greenmount Recreation Center is located at 2304 Greenmount Avenue.  The recreation center features a Basketball Court, Computer Lab, Arts and Crafts Center, Weight Room, and Activity Room. 


Hampden Sports is an organization that teaches elementary and middle school kids how to play different sports such as basketball and lacrosse. It is an opportunity to give back what we can to the community and to those who are less fortunate than us by allowing them the opportunity to learn something they might not have been able to learn otherwise. There will be a competitive edge to this program, such as creating teams and having specific coaches for each team and having scrimmages. However, it will be stressed to that we also want to have fun and create a friendly environment. This way the kids will not only excel in the sport, but also have fun doing it

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