About the Center

Camp Kesem


Mission Statement:

Camp Kesem is an overnight camp for children, ages 6 to 13, who have a parent who has died from cancer, is currently in treatment for cancer, or is in remission from cancer.  Our purpose is to provide these deserving children with a unique and supportive summer camp experience that gives them the chance to just be a kid.  JHU Camp Kesem  also provides the opportunity  for college  students to channel their passion for making a difference, while developing critical leadership skills for long-term social impact.




Basmah Nada, Co-Chair, Basmah Nada

Muska Kamran, Co-Chair,mkamran1@jhu.edu

Maurice Dunn and Adil Khan, Co-chair, Mauricedunn1@gmail.com, aakhanhumanities@gmail.com