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The Rescue Mission is a homeless shelter in Downtown Baltimore that provides food, shelter, and clothing for its residents. Our mission is to help provide free medical treatment for the homeless population while raising awareness about them on campus. We hope get students on campus involved while providing them the opportunity to learn about medicine.

Every Wednesday, Hopkins undergraduates volunteer at Baltimore Rescue Mission Clinic, which is located in downtown Baltimore and operates through the generosity of Dr. John Dalton. The mission of the BRMC is to provide free, high-quality medical care to the homeless population of Baltimore City.  Students have the advantage of both interacting directly with patients and working with the doctor to develop an assessment and therapeutic plan. Students are able to work in a setting where they assume the role of a caregiver, in that they communicate extensively with homeless patients, take a detailed medical history, reach a diagnosis, and administer the proper treatment. Basic physical examinations are also performed.  The clinic gives an in-depth overview of what urban medicine is about. There are a lot of volunteers for BRMC and space is limited, so please send an email to if interested in volunteering. We will send a group email notifying who we will be able to transport each week.



Andrew Daniels  - Head Coordinator 

Morgan McCarthy Financial Officer

Mitchell Silver EMR Coordinator

Oren Fishman Van Coordinator







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