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Bootup Baltimore is a computer volunteering organization affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University. We work in tandem with Baltimore public schools, providing free computers and computer instruction to students in need. Our members volunteer their time and expertise to repair recycled computers and train students in word processing, graphics design, hardware maintenance, web development, and other useful and marketable computer skills.

Bootup seeks to inspire interest in technology amongst those who would not otherwise have access to computers and computer equipment. By providing refurbished systems and personalized, hands-on instruction, we aim to both expand computer access in Baltimore and create opportunities for our participants to engage with technology in a personal way. We hope that by providing these opportunities for access and engagement, we can instill in Baltimore students a love of technology which will help them both in modern life and in the modern job market. Additionally, Bootup seeks to accomplish these goals while advancing sustainability, promoting open source solutions, and providing other valuable services to the greater community.



Nate Schloss, President,

Martin Kang, Treasurer,

Patawut Bovonratwet, Publicist, ,

Danye Jiang, VP for Teaching ,

Ben Glickman,VP for Refurbishment,

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