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What does CSC stand for? What's the history of the name?
The history of our office's many names: our office began as part of the Chaplain's Office of JHU and broke off as its own separate entity in 1991. We then became the Office of Volunteer Services. Later, we changed our name to the Office of Community Relations and Volunteer Services to better reflect our strong link with the Baltimore community. But folks kept getting us confused with JHU's Office of Community Affairs and mistaking our efforts for public relations work. So, we changed our name one last time -- to the Center for Social Concern -- to demonstrate our commitment to volunteering and concern for community in both thought and action.

I am a member of an existing student group and we want to edit or update our listing on CSC's website. Whom do I contact with the changes?
Contact us at and let us know! We need your feedback to keep the site as up-to-date as possible.

I am a member of an existing student group and we want to know what kinds of resources the CSC offers. Where do I look for the answer?
Have you read our online student group resource guide yet?

I want to get involved, but there are way too many choices. I get overwhelmed just looking at this list of options. How do I possibly choose the right student group for me?
lf you need any help after perusing our list of student groups, feel free to come to our office (3103 N Charles St-the building with the red door) or email us at volunteer@ with a brief description of what you'd like to do.

How do I get involved with the Tutorial Project?
Contact the Tutorial Project directors directly.


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