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What is the President's Day of Service?

The President’s Day of Service (PDOS) is a one day service event held in the fall.  It invites the whole Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus and a number of affiliate campuses, such as the School of Medicine, Peabody Conservatory, and others, to participate in volunteer projects.  Past volunteer projects have been located all across Baltimore City and even outside it, from the Homewood campus, to all the way out in Fort Meade, from the fields of Freeland, to the edge of Hampden, to the heart of Waverly. 


We often work with non-profit organizations and community centers, which already have lasting commitments to provide and care for the residents of Baltimore.  This event strives to thank those organizations for their great work by putting our volunteers right beside them.  Last year, 1000 participating faculty, staff, undergrads, grad students, and alumni volunteered at over 45 service sites.  Ultimately, it’s a big event, but it’s because we think Baltimore is a big deal.


Who runs it?

PDOS is organized by the Johns Hopkins Center of Social Concern (CSC).  It is the umbrella organization for Homewood community service projects and groups.  The CSC funds dozens of community service initiatives including the resources needed to sustain PDOS.  To find out more about the CSC and ways to get involved, check out their website at    

The PDOS Executive Board consists of undergraduates recruited by CSC to plan PDOS.


Why "PDOS"?

The President’s Day of Service was not always named as such.  The event was originally called Freshmen Involved Day, and was first organized by the CSC in the fall about 16 years ago.  It started as an orientation event to get freshmen acquainted with Baltimore city.   The event consisted of about 300 student participants and 15 service sites. 

Then came President Ron Daniels, the current president of the Johns Hopkins University.  He first took office in the fall of 2009 and made a long lasting commitment to serve the Johns Hopkins community and the great city that houses the university.  In that year, Freshmen Involved Day was renamed the President’s Day of Service. 


In its first year as PDOS, the program went from involving 200 volunteers to 1000, and grew from servicing 15 organizations to 45.  Now, on the advent of its fifth year, PDOS has evolved from a handshake with Baltimore to an embrace. 

This year, we invite you to be part of that embrace.  October 19, 2013. We'll see you there.


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