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Volunteer Specific Questions


When will I learn what service site I will volunteer for?  Why can’t I find out sooner?

We send out volunteer site assignments 1 week before the day of service.  Unfortunately, we need as much time as possible to solidify the volunteer projects and allow for as many people as possible to register.   Thanks for being patient with us. 


What If I don’t like the site I am assigned to?

Remember that we are trying to accommodate 1000 registrants as well as we can.  Unfortunately, we cannot reassign you.  If there is a site that you would really want to volunteer at badly, just do it! It doesn’t need to be the President’s day for you to do service!

I’d like to volunteer with my student/employee/staff group, but it is not listed in the registration form. 

Please wait to register until your student group is on the list.  If your group is not on the list, please help us by bugging your student group leaders.  Thanks a bunch!


If I am serving with my student/employee/staff group, will my individual site preference be accounted for?

No, as a student group, the student group leader gives us a site preference.  Once the group is matched, anyone who is affiliated with that group is assigned to that site, regardless of individual preference. 

What if I registered and find out I cannot attend. 

That’s fine.  Please fill out this cancellation form.

What if I am not affiliated with a sponsoring student/employee/staff group, but would like to volunteer with a group of friends?

We encourage you to find a participating sponsor group and join them. This will ensure that you are assigned with others who are affiliated with that group. However, if this is not possible, Feel free to make up a group name for your group of friends or coworkers, fill out the group sponsorship form, and have your friends sign up under that group name. You do not need to pledge 10 members or member of your group sign up as a team leader. However, you will not be eligible for group sponsorship status.You will not be eligible for group sponsorship status in this case. For more information please contact Charlotte at 

How far away are walking sites?  

Walking sites are sites less than 3/4 mile away from campus. This is roughly the distance from the Ralph O’Connor Recreation center to the Waverly Farmers Market (33rd and Barclay St.). We will not ask volunteers to walk more than that. All other sites will be driven by either van or bus.  

What if my family wants to volunteer with me? 

Awesome! Whether you are a faculty/staff member with kids or a student with parents, we love family spirit. Each year we designate a “family friendly” site that involves no hammers or heavy manual labor. Please contact Charlotte at if you’d like to volunteer with your family. 

What if I am not available the whole time? Can I leave in the middle of the service trip?

Registering for and attending PDOS constitutes a commitment that you are available from 10:30am-4:00pm on Saturday October 27th 2012. Thus, once you are on site, we cannot arrange separate individual transportation for you to come back to campus.

However, if you are unavailable the whole time, but would still like to serve as either set up or break down volunteer for the event please email Allie at (You will still get free food and a t-shirt!)



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