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Team Leader Specific Questions


Am I team leader quality?

You must have common sense.  You must be friendly enough to make sure no one feels excluded.  You must be assertive enough to make yourself heard by the group.  You must be passionate about serving people. 

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for

  1. Coming to the mandatory workshops
  2. Sending welcome emails to your site supervisor and participant volunteers
  3. Checking in your volunteers
  4. Leading your volunteers to your site and making sure no one is left behind
  5. Thanking your site supervisor
  6. Being informative about your service site


Who will I be leading?

If you did not sign up with a student/employee/staff group, you will be matched with individuals who have the same preference as you.  If you signed up with a group, you will definitely be placed with that group. 


Do I need to attend the workshops?

Yes! They are mandatory. 


What if I cannot attend the workshops?

You must attend the workshops to become a team leader.  If you are abducted by aliens and can’t come, please contact Florence at 

I already volunteer at a certain non-profit, can I be the team leader for that particular site? 

Yes! Please let Florence and Sara know about your organization, what kind of projects you do there, and how to contact them. You can contact Florence and Sara by e-mailing


Can I be a team leader if I am a freshman?  

Freshmen are generally discouraged from being team leaders because we want you to just enjoy and absorb the PDOS experience. However, if you have extensive experience with working with non-profits, you may register, but you will most likely be matched with an upperclassman co-team leader.  



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