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Volunteer Site Specific Questions

Will volunteers be transported, fed, and given water?

Yes, JHU will take care of all of that. 

What if I need to cancel?

That’s fine.  Please give us notice as soon as you find out.  No one likes unwanted surprises. 

How many volunteers will I get?

You will agree on a number of volunteers with the Sites Coordinator.  Keep in mind that this is a ballpark number.  The actual number of volunteers you will get is probably +/- 5 from the number that is agreed upon.  If your organization has a hard limit (like your space cannot hold more than 10 people at once), please notify the Sites Coordinator.

How many supplies can I ask for, and can I keep them?

We ask that you only request supplies that are absolutely necessary for completing your project.  As a rule of thumb, sites that take more volunteers usually get to have more supplies.  After the day of service, you may keep any supplies that we purchased for you. 

I want to have volunteers, but I’m not sure what kind of project they should do.

That’s understandable.  Contact our Sites Coordinator Sara.  She will help you think about how we can help you and what kinds of projects have been done at non-profits similar to yours. 

Why does the sites coordinator keep pushing me to have a “working with people” volunteer project?

We try to have a balanced number of volunteer spots in each category: Beautification, Hunger & Food Justice, and Working with People.  However, the Working with People projects tend to have 10-15 volunteers, while Beautification and Hunger & Food Justice tend to take up 20-40 volunteers.  This means we are constantly looking for 2-3 Working with People sites for every other site.  If your project falls into multiple categories, we will usually name it the category we are most in need of spots for.  

How can I keep JHU volunteers coming to my organization?

The best way would be to ask them to write out their contact information while they are at your site, and continue to email them.  Fliers and pamphlets are good too, but you run the risk of the volunteers losing them.  Our office continues to e-mail our participants only up to a few weeks after the event, but if you make a special relationship with the students at your site, it is up to you to keep in touch with them. 

Will President Daniels come to my site?

President Daniels visits about 3 of the 45 sites that participate in PDOS.  He tries to visit one of every project type.  Unfortunately we will not know which sites he will be visiting until the about 1-2 weeks before the event.  If he is visiting your site, we will notify the site contact person, and give you a ballpark estimate of what time he will be arriving. 

What if I know another organization that could really use some volunteers?

Great! We are always looking for more service sites! Please contact us with their name and contact information.  Thanks!



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