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Student/Employee/Staff Group Specific Questions


Our group already has a partnership with a Baltimore non-profit group. How can we arrange to volunteer there?

That's great! Contact the Program Chair, Florence, at


What if we do not like our site assignment?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate switching assignments. 


What does it mean to “pledge” 10 volunteers?

To sponsor, groups must “pledge” to have at least 10 volunteers register underneath their group name. Volunteers CANNOT start registering with a group until the student group fills out the group sponsorship form, so please do that ASAP. Once a group has registered, their group name will become available on the volunteer registration form (updated once a day) and be featured on our website (updated once a week).


What if we do not have 10 volunteers?

Any student/employee/staff group can fill out the group sponsorship form in order to keep their volunteers together. However, if you cannot pledge 10 volunteers, you will not be considered a sponsoring group (which means your name will not appear on our website or be entered into the raffle). Once your group has reached 10 volunteers, your group will automatically be entered into a raffle drawing for a pizza party. In addition, the group with the most registered participants will also win a pizza party.


What if I am not affiliated with a sponsoring student/employee/staff group, but would like to volunteer with a group of friends?

We encourage you to find a participating sponsor group and join them. This will ensure that you are assigned with others who are affiliated with that group. However, if this is not possible, Feel free to make up a group name for your group of friends or coworkers, fill out the group sponsorship form, and have your friends sign up under that group name. You will not be eligible for group sponsorship status in this case. For more information please contact Charlotte at 


What if my family wants to volunteer with me? 

Awesome! Whether you are a faculty/staff member with kids or a student with parents, we love family spirit. Each year we designate a “family friendly” site that involves no hammers or heavy manual labor. Please contact Charlotte at if you’d like to volunteer with your family. 


My group members would like to sign up together, but be split up into several different service projects?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request anymore. The only way for your group members to be in different projects is to have them be team leaders for different sites.



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