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General Questions

How are volunteers matched to their service site?

Volunteer Matching Flow Chart


When is the President's Day of Service?

Saturday, October 19, 2013


How long is PDOS?

It depends on who you are.  If you are a regular volunteer, it’s from 10:30am-4:00pm.  If you are a team leader, it’s from 10:00am-4:30pm.  If you are a service site, it’s from 12noon-3:00pm. 

Where is PDOS?

Again, it depends.  Participants and team leaders will first come to the gym.  Then, they will be transported via van, bus, or their own legs to the service site.  After the service, participants and team leaders will go back to the gym. 


How can I get PDOS pictures?

Every year the university photographer covers the kickoff and follows around President Daniels to the sites he visits.  Those photos are available at our photobucket (Links to: Compilation Album, 2009, 2010, 2011).  If you have pictures that you would like to share with us, please either

  1. Email them to us
  2. Upload them to our photobucket album
  3. Arrange for them to be dropped off at our office




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