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CBL Mini-Grants

Through The France Merrick Undergraduate Community Service Fund, the Center for Social Concern is making available four (4) ongoing grants of up to $2,000 to support undergraduate Community-based Learning courses. 

Important Note:
The France-Merrick fund that the Center for Social Concern administers requires a STUDENT SPONSOR.  This sponsor will be the applicant name to the France-Merrick Foundation.  The student sponsor should play a role in the planning of the community-based/ service component of the course.


A course is eligible if it meets the following criteria:
-- The course includes a significant community-based component, in which students engage in course-related service activities.
-- Service performed by students must benefit citizens of Baltimore City
Courses may be new, or existing courses may be adapted to fit the community-based learning model.  Center for Social Concern staff will work with grant recipients to develop the community-based portion of their course.


Funds of up to $2,000 will be made available to the faculty applicant of accepted courses.  The grant may be used to support logistics, transportation, supplies, or other course needs. Applicants should be Johns Hopkins professors, lecturers, or instructors.  The course to which funds will be applied must be at the undergraduate level.

The deadline for Spring 2010 courses will be in mid-October.

To begin the application process, please submit a brief letter of inquiry describing the course, and indicating the presence of a student sponsor.  Letters of inquiry may be submitted electronically to Bill Tiefenwerth at or brought to the Center for Social Concern in Suite 200, Levering Hall.

For more information, or with questions, please contact Bill Tiefenwerth, Director, Center for Social Concern, at (410) 516-4777 or


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