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What Is the CBL Advisory Board?

Community-based learning (CBL) is a pedagogical model that connects classroom-based work with meaningful community involvement and experiences.  The Center for Social Concern convened the Community-Based Learning Advisory Board in November 2012 for the purpose of establishing a concrete framework around CBL course offerings at Johns Hopkins and address the practical and administrative aspects of implementing community-based learning infrustructure.

Like its predecessor, the CBL Working Group, the Community-Based Learning Advisory Board is composed of a number of interested stakeholders, including:

  1. Johns Hopkins faculty members who are currently teaching courses that incorporate community engagement

  2. Johns Hopkins faculty members who would be interested in developing/ teaching a CBL course in the future

  3. Johns Hopkins faculty, administrators, or staff with extensive knowledge and connections within the Baltimore non-profit community, or experience with CBL

  4. Students with a dedicated interest in CBL

The Center for Social Concern continues to gather input from sources outside of the Abvisory Board as it moves forward with its objectives.

Advisory Board Goals:

  1. Provide the vision and direction for CBL and community-based research on the Homewood campus
  2. Set guidelines, policies, and procedures for CBL courses, community-based research, and programming
  3. Review RFPs for CBL summits (biannual) and serve as the administrative umbrella for planning
  4. Represent CBL interests at meetings as needed
  5. Send 2 designated faculty representatives to CSC’s overarching advisory board
  6. Assist in finding internal and external funding to further CBL programs
  7. Keep the larger Hopkins community up to date on CBL activities

Click here to view the 2013-2014 CBL Advisory Board Work Plan, approved on April 10, 2013.


Attend Board meetings 3 times yearly.

Meeting Minutes:

2014 Meetings    
April 2014    
February 2014    

2013 Meetings


November 2013

September 2013    
February 2013    
May 2013    


Contact Information:

Mariam Banahi,
Community-Based Learning Program Assistant
Center for Social Concern, 3103 N. Charles Street

To view the page for the retired CBL Working Group, click here.


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