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Current Projects

"Cerebro-Cerebellar Contributions to Cognitive Function in Drug Addiction" (Marvel (PI): K01 DA030442)

“fMRI and TMS Analysis of Cerebellar Cognitive Function” (John Desmond (PI): R01 MH060234)

Conference Abstracts

OHBM 2012 - Beijing, China

Using fMRI and TMS to Study Interactions of the Motor System and Working Memory (DA Liao, JM Yau, DM Echavarria, ML Faulkner, JE Desmond, CL Marvel)

SFN 2012 - New Orleans, Louisiana

An fMRI study of Verbal and Non-Verbal Working Memory in Addiction (ML Faulkner, DA Liao, EC Strain, MZ Mintzer, JE Desmond, CL Marvel)

Contributions of the Motor System to Verbal and Non-Verbal Working Memory: a TMS Study (DA Liao, JM Yau, JE Desmond, CL Marvel)

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K Mentors

John Desmond (Primary)

Amy Bastian

Miriam Mintzer

Susumu Mori

Jim Pekar

Eric Strain

Peter van Zijl

K Collaborators

Hugh Garavan

Steve Yantis


General Interest

SFN Satellite Symposium: "Methods for Studying Human Cerebellar Structure & Function

Society for Neuroscience

Organization for Human Brain Mapping

International Society for Behavioral Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Association for Women in Science, Greater Baltimore Chapter